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What does the child support program do if a parent doesn’t pay as ordered

What does the child support program do if a parent doesn't pay as ordered

Once a child support order is established, the Child Support Program monitors child support payments. When payments are not made as ordered, the Program can take steps to encourage payments, including:

  • Send late payment notices
  • Suspend Florida driver licenses
  • Report past-due support to credit agencies
  • Suspend business, professional, and recreational licenses
  • Place liens on personal property
  • Take federal income tax refunds
  • Take Florida lottery winnings over $600
  • Take support payments from reemployment and worker's compensation
  • Take support payments from the parent's paycheck and bonuses
  • Take money from bank accounts
  • Negotiate a payment agreement to collect past-due support
  • Take money from insurance or another legal settlement
  • Take money from unclaimed property that is turned over to the state of Florida
  • File motions in circuit court

Contact us or visit Child Support eServices for information about actions taken on your case. You can also learn more about these steps above by visiting the Complying with Support Orders page.

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