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from Richard H

Very happy I selected Mr. Rutkowski as my attorney. It was my first time needing legal advice and representation. I needed solid guidance and counsel, and John provided it. I found John to be patient and understanding as I came up to speed, straightforward in his analysis, and responded promptly to my texts for clarification. I would recommend him.


from Chris E

I am so glad I chose John to represent me. He is kind, punctual and really got me through a difficult time. His strategy in my case was quick and effective and saved me from a lot of extra financial hardship. I will recommend him to anyone in need. 


from Wendy T

Went above and beyond! Would 100% recommend.


I was facing 2 felony charges, which would 100% require jail time plus fines and probation. When I contacted John, he reviewed my case and explained his objective was to keep me out of jail. He gave me a price for his services and explained the processes. John worked closely with the prosecutors, at one point the state emailed him stating it was very rare that "no" incarceration would be granted for the charges I was facing. That did not deter John, he continued to communicate with prosecutors and was able to work a deal. This kept me out of jail, no fines and minimal court costs . In the end, I faired much better then I ever expected. I am a good person that made a mistake, John was able to convince not only the prosecutors but the judge also saw that and gave me some leniency in my probation requirements. Even granting me the possibility of early termination of probation. In the end, no jail time! After my court proceedings, John followed up with me and offered to petition the court when the time came, to request the early termination of probation. In the end, he did exactly what he said he would do, for the price he quoted. I know that my case could have cost an average of $10,000 in legal fees and his fee was no where near that. His previous experience in the legal/criminal field proves an asset when working with prosecutors and the legal issues, he knows how to approach them. I cannot stress enough the importance of having an attorney that will fight for you. John is that person, he will keep you up to date on your case and answer any questions you may have. I STRONGLY recommend John Rutkowski!

Honest, Experienced and does what he say's he will do

John will look after your best interest and keep you informed of every aspect of your case until the very end. He is easy to get hold of and will answer any question you might have. He is a great guy to have in your corner during the bad times.

Duane G recommended John P. Rutkowski

Gary Lee Gregory recommended John P. Rutkowski

Great job John was able to get all charges dropped for my son

John Rutkowski did a great job representing my son. My son was facing extensive jail time and John was able to get all charges dropped. John was very knowledgeable and professional. He also worked with me on a price that I could afford. I would highly recommend his law firm.

Professional and Compassionate

Amazing Attorney Highly Recommended

John Rutkowski is an amazing attorney who knows what he's doing. I highly recommend him to anyone who's in need of an attorney.

Mr. Rutkowski did what he promised at the price he quoted

September 10, 2018
I distrust attorneys! BUT Mr. Rutkowski did what he promised at the price he quoted. I kept waiting for a gotcha and NEVER received one. He is knowledgeable and helpful. I hope I never need him again. But if I do, he is the first person I will call. I highly recommend him for his integrity and honesty. You CAN trust him!


I reached out to Mr. Rutkowski for some legal advice and I was comfortable with him and his advice. I retained Mr. Rutkowski to handle my court matter and he handled it professionally as expected. I would recommend Mr. Rutkowski to anyone . He truly does help out good people in bad times.

Diligent Professional Caring

May 18, 2018

Mr. John Rutkowski has represented my family's legal interests with upmost effectiveness, diligence and professionalism, but just as important, he has done so with a friendly and caring attitude. John is an excellent attorney and a good man. I recommend him without any reservation.


April 12, 2018

I can't speak to Mr. Rutkowski's prior representations. What I can share was an, "Outstanding" experience. Meaning... upon my initial contact he took an extreme amount of time, over the phone, to understand my unique issues. Given those issues, we had an immediate meeting the following afternoon. I found him prepared to include what was several hours of research and preparation to address the matters I was facing that we discussed the prior evening. Ultimately, he performed beyond my expectations in every aspect. I highly recommend this attorney!

Only lawyer I would ever use!

October 19, 2017

John was very knowledgeable about my case and the out come. He made me feel reassured that he was going to do the best job he could for me and he did. Knowing that he knew all sides of the law from start to finish was very comforting. I have recommended him to other people in similar situations and I would call him again in a heartbeat.

Highly recommend Mr. Rutkowski

John was prompt to answer questions via telephone and email. He treated my son with respect and guided us through the legal process with good outcomes. I hope to not need John again but if I should he will be our first call.

Won the case for early termination from probation
He did great and now I can enjoy my life. I have learned and gained a lot of info.

Totally Successful

I really had my doubts at first but John did what he said he was going to do I am a Florida Resident who had a criminal case in Philadelphia, PA. John took my case and was totally successful getting everything cleared for me he has restored my faith in lawyers I would suggest to anyone reading this to give him a try he is a great lawyer :) thank you so much.

Knowledgeable, Responsive, Caring, Professional

I retained Mr. Rutkowski to represent my son who is a freshman at university in Philadelphia. My son was falsely accused of inappropriate conduct with a female student. Mr. Rutkowski, who I knew was a former police officer, talked to the detective assigned my son's case and after he told her the true facts and showed her all the good work my son has completed she closed the case. I live out of state and was very worried for my son. Mr. Rutkowski returned my calls timely no matter how late I called. I highly recommend Mr. Rutkowski.

Great Attorney

Was able to secure a not guilty verdict in my child molestation case.

Incredible Lawyer

John was an incredible lawyer. My fiancé and I hired him for 2 - 10 year old dui cases and a possession case. After dealing with a lawyer that made my fiancé and I feel like morons that didn't deserve his time he was a breath of fresh air. He took as much time as necessary to explain things to us to make sure we understood. He was never in a rush to stop talking to me even though I knew he had many other cases and I had questions for him every day! He was always honest with us and made sure we understood what was going on and what could happen and what he was trying to have happen. He answered every phone call, email or text message quickly. He went to speak with my fiancé while he was incarcerated which was very appreciated. I hope to never need to hire a lawyer again but if I do I'm glad we know John. As far as the outcome he got us better results than we could have hoped for. For 2 dui's he told us to expect 2 - 48 hour sentences and my fiancé got 6-12 months' probation. For the possession charge it was dismissed. Thanks again John

Could be Trusted

For almost 22 years i had an open bench warrant, these 22 years I had a life but was not living, being impressed by Mr. Rutkowski's, website and track record of helping good people who blundered, I contacted Mr. Rutkowski explained my situation, he immediately checked my background he noted it was an old case, he could advocate on my behalf and I might not have to attend the hearing, but could not determine an outcome of the case, the conversation alone with Mr. Rutkowski gave me a gut feeling, this attorney could be trusted and would do his best to help me, Mr. Rutkowski as a defense attorney was the best decision I made in my entire life, the cases was called up and dismissed, I hold Mr. Rutkowski in high regard and will recommend him to all good people who had a brush with the law and had been brushed off. Thanks Mr. Rutkowski. May God bless you more and God bless the USA.

Really Invested Himself In My Case

I put my faith in Mr. Rutkowski and I'm glad I did. He really invested himself into my case and everything worked out. He's also a pretty cool guy to chat with while waiting through hours of courtroom boredom.

Pleased with Outcome and Fees

I had 2 prostitution charges from a few years ago when I was addicted to drugs and I never went to court. Since then I turned my life around and had to get the case taken care of. Mr. Rutkowski was eager to help and got my warrants lifted and case dismissed. I live in Maryland and didn't have to appear in court. I would recommend him to anyone! Very pleased with the outcome and the fees. Excellent.

Years of Experience - Great Fees

Facing felony charges for assault required me to find a lawyer to defend my case. I found Mr. Rutkowski through a Google Search and setup a free consultation. He has years of law experience and other neighboring law offices can't match or beat his representation fees. Within several court visits he fought and beat all charges brought against me. I would recommend Mr. Rutkowski to anyone who is looking for the right defender who can prove their innocence.

Very Knowledgeable

John Rutkowski was very knowledgeable and thorough throughout my case. He was prompt and eager to help me with my resisting arrest charge. Being from another state, I knew nothing about PA laws. Mr. Rutkowski explained everything to me in detail throughout my court proceedings and kept me in the know. He worked hard for me and the outcome I received was nice. Thanks again John, I wish you all the best in the future. –JW

Responded Immediately


I had a drug possession misdemeanor from 4 years ago in Philadelphia and wanted to know if it was expungable since it's hard finding a job with a record. I found Mr. Rutkowski online and he responded immediately. It took him no time to look up my record and tell me that I can have it expunged and even went into a detailed discussion as to why. Of course I said yes and within days he scheduled a court hearing and one month later, my record is officially expunged! In fact, I just got the official documents in the mail and i am so relieved that I can start over in life. The best part is that he did it all on his own without me having to go to court. He kept me informed via phone, texts and email. He gave me all the documents and information I needed so i can easily look it up online. Mr. Rutkowski is extremely efficient and helpful and was definitely worth the low fee. I highly recommend him which I have already to friends with same issues.

Vast knowledge and great passion

I assisted a close family member of mine search for an attorney to represent her. After an exhaustive search we met with Mr. Rutkowski and discussed the "issues" we were impressed with his direct, honest approach to our case and decided to retain his services, best decision ever! Mr. Rutkowski was professional, yet laid back. His vast knowledge and passion for his profession along with his strong belief in law equals great representation. I would recommend Mr. Rutkowski to any person in need of a defense attorney.

Collections Case Dismissed


John Rutkowski helped me with my case in which I was sued by a debt collection agency for a substantial amount of credit card debt. He knew just how to approach the court and got the outcome I needed. The case was dismissed by the debt collector. I could not have done it without his help. I would highly recommend his services and would call him again if needed.

Experienced Professional

JR is an experienced professional in all aspects of criminal law. John got me out of a huge debacle in Philadelphia where I was facing Definite jail time. Long & short Mr Rutkowski was able to find cracks in the case which led to a dismissal of all charges! John is a consummate professional who will work with you from beginning to end. With a sea of lawyers in the tri state area John is king in my eyes. If you want the best look no further.


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