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PInellas Pasco County Jail Good and Gain Time Policies


What is Good Time?

Good Time awards are granted to all sentenced inmates and are not to exceed five days per month.

  1. Good time is calculated on the balance of the sentence after deducting gain time and credit for time served as determined by the courts.
  2. If an inmate fails to comply with established facility rules and regulations and is disciplined, including transfer to another facility offering a more secure environment, the inmate can also lose gain time, receive time in detention or a combination of actions.
  3. Inmates whose offense dates are prior to November 1, 2001 (when the five days per month good time policy was implemented), will have good time calculated according to the days worked. This calculation will be one day off of the sentence for every day of work completed. 

What is Gain Time?

County sentenced prisoners earn Gain Time at a rate of five days for every 30 days of sentence.

  1. Gain time is not allowed for any sentence of 29 days or less.
  2. The Inmate Records Section computes gain time at the time they receive notification of sentencing.

Who is Eligible?

Certain county inmates are not eligible to receive either good or gain time. Included in these categories are the following: Inmates incarcerated on Civil Contempt of Court Orders, inmates sentenced to a specific time period and those inmates stipulated by the sentencing judge not to receive good time awards.

How to Lose Good or Gain Time.

Any part of good or gain time shall be subject to forfeiture for any violation of law, rule, or regulation of the institution.


What is Good Conduct Time and How is it Earned?

Inmates who have no sustained misconduct may have deducted from their sentence by the bureau commander up:

 1. to five (5) days per month off the first and second years of the sentence;

 2. up to ten (10) days per month off the third and fourth years of the sentence;

 3.up to fifteen (15) days per month off the fifth and all succeeding years of the sentence.

Where no charge of misconduct is sustained against an inmate, the deduction shall be deemed earned and the inmate shall be entitled to credit for a month as soon as the inmate has served such time as, when added to the deduction allowable, will equal a month. An inmate under two or more concurrent sentences shall be allowed commutation as if they were all one sentence. 

What is Extra Gain Time and How is it Earned?

Extra gain-time shall mean gain-time earned for meritorious conduct or exceptional industry, in the amount of 5 days per month. Meritorious conduct means performing an outstanding deed such as saving a life, aiding in capturing an escapee, providing information that helps prevent the introduction of contraband or helps prevent other violations of law or rules or any act deemed appropriate and authorized by the Bureau Commander. 

How do I Lose Good Time and Gain Time?

For each sustained charge of escape or attempted escape, mutinous conduct, or other serious misconduct, all of the gain-time which shall have accrued in favor of an inmate up to that day shall be lost. 

However, in the case of escape, if the inmate voluntarily returns without expense to the state or county, then such lose may be set aside by the bureau commander depending upon the inmate's conduct subsequent to return. 

All of the gain-time an inmate is allowed may be lost for violation of any law of the state or any rule or regulation of the department of the jail.

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