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What is Gaintime? 

    1. Gaintime is an inmate's opportunity to earn a reduction (if eligible) in his/her overall sentence imposed by the court.
    2. Gaintime has been in existence in Florida since 1889.
    3. Gaintime is a tool the department uses to encourage satisfactory inmate behavior and motivate program and work participation.
    4. Inmates serving life sentences or certain minimum mandatory sentences are not eligible for Gaintime (during the portion of time these mandatory sentences are in effect).
    5. Awards of Gaintime are made according to statutory authorization pursuant to s.944.275 F.S.
    6. Just as Gaintime can be awarded, it can be withheld or forfeited in accordance with s. 944.275s. 944.279s. 944.28, and s.944.281 F.S.

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