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Discovery and Depositions

After the filing of the charging document, a defendant may elect to participate in the discovery process provided by these rules, including the taking of discovery depositions, by filing with the court and serving on the prosecuting attorney a “Notice of Discovery” which shall bind both the prosecution and defendant to all discovery procedures contained in these rules.

Within 15 days after service of the Notice of Discovery, the prosecutor shall serve a written Discovery Exhibit which shall disclose to the defendant and permit the defendant to inspect, copy, test, and photograph the following information and material within the state's possession or control, except that any property or material that portrays sexual performance by a child or constitutes child pornography may not be copied, photographed, duplicated, or otherwise reproduced so long as the state attorney makes the property or material reasonably available to the defendant or the defendant's attorney:

Notice of Discovery.pdf

Discovery Depositions

At any time after the filing of the charging document any party may take the deposition upon oral examination of any person. A party taking a deposition shall give reasonable written notice to each other party and shall make a good faith effort to coordinate the date, time, and location of the deposition to accommodate the schedules of other parties and the witness to be deposed. Any deposition taken may be used by any party for the purpose of contradicting or impeaching the testimony of the deponent as a witness.

Discovery Depositions.pdf

Other discovery requirements

Prosecutor's Discovery Obligation.pdf
Defendant's Discovery Obligation.pdf

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