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Creditor Harassment

Creditor Harassment

Many of our clients do not realize that they have certain rights when it comes to creditors. Creditors are not allowed to harass debtors. Creditors are allowed to contact the debtors, but there are certain rules they must follow. They are not allowed to call the debtor at his or her workplace. A debtor may request for a debt collection agency to stop contacting him or her by a written letter, and once the agency receives this email, they are no longer allowed to contact the debtor. If a collection agency continues to harass a debtor, then the debtor is allowed to file a complaint with the Office of Financial Regulation or the Federal Trade Commission. If the harassment is severe enough, then the debtor can also file a lawsuit against the collection agency. If a debtor files bankruptcy, the court places an automatic stay on any debt collection and a creditor who violates the automatic stay are subject to civil litigation and a possible contempt citation from the bankruptcy court.

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