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John was an incredible lawyer. My fiancé and I hired him for 2 - 10 year old dui cases and a possession case. After dealing with a lawyer that made my fiancé and I feel like morons that didn't deserve his time he was a breath of fresh air. He took as much time as necessary to explain things to us to make sure we understood. He was never in a rush to stop talking to me even though I knew he had many other cases and I had questions for him every day! He was always honest with us and made sure we understood what was going on and what could happen and what he was trying to have happen. He answered every phone call, email or text message quickly. He went to speak with my fiancé while he was incarcerated which was very appreciated. I hope to never need to hire a lawyer again but if I do I'm glad we know John. As far as the outcome he got us better results than we could have hoped for. For 2 dui's he told us to expect 2 - 48 hour sentences and my fiancé got 6-12 months' probation. For the possession charge it was dismissed. Thanks again John

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