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I had a drug possession misdemeanor from 4 years ago in Philadelphia and wanted to know if it was expungable since it's hard finding a job with a record. I found Mr. Rutkowski online and he responded immediately. It took him no time to look up my record and tell me that I can have it expunged and even went into a detailed discussion as to why. Of course I said yes and within days he scheduled a court hearing and one month later, my record is officially expunged! In fact, I just got the official documents in the mail and i am so relieved that I can start over in life. The best part is that he did it all on his own without me having to go to court. He kept me informed via phone, texts and email. He gave me all the documents and information I needed so i can easily look it up online. Mr. Rutkowski is extremely efficient and helpful and was definitely worth the low fee. I highly recommend him which I have already to friends with same issues.

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